Retro Blocks - a new and unique concept in wall and ceiling art for your home or commercial space.

Retro Blocks are a new innovative 3D wall tile product, that not only provide a unique visual element to your space but are fun, easy to design with, simple to install and are environmentally friendly.

Designed specifically for commercial projects, Retro Blocks will transform hotel foyers, building lobbies, public spaces, bars, and offices, relieving the monotony of large, plain walls, and enhancing the theme and mood of your space. Their applications are just as effective for transforming domestic spaces that would suit a high impact feature.

The range includes 17 geometric and organic free-flowing designs which can be orientated and combined in various ways providing architects and designers with endless possibilities for pattern and design. 

The 600mm x 600mm tiles are manufactured from fibre strengthened gypsum, developed and made in New Zealand. They offer a superior quality of finish that paint and coating systems can be easily applied to.

We are also able to offer a custom design service with specialised finishes and detailing for an even more unique feature.

If you are considering designing or enhancing your home or commercial space contact us and we’ll happily tell you more about our products and what you can achieve. At Retro Blocks™ it’s all about creating a unique space you will love.